The Belgrade Phantom 2009

Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1979. While Yugoslav president Tito is in Cuba settling international matters, a mysterious Phantom occupies the attention and hearts of Belgrade. Every night, he ...

All Titles
  • RS: The Belgrade Phantom The Belgrade Phantom
  • FI: Belgradin aave Belgradin aave
  • HU: A belgrádi fantom A belgrádi fantom
  • RU: Белградский призрак Белградский призрак
  • RS: Beogradski fantom Beogradski fantom
  • SI: Beograjski fantom Beograjski fantom
  • RS: The Belgrade Phantom The Belgrade Phantom
Directed by Jovan B. Todorovic
Artists Boris Komnenic
as Chief Inspector
Cvijeta Mesic
as Phantom's mother
Radoslav 'Rale' Milenkovic
as Maksic (as Radoslav Milenkovic)
Release date 27 Mar 2009
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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