The Bachelor 1999

A committment-phobic man goes in search of a bride, including his fed-up girlfriend, to inherit his grandfather's one hundred million dollar inheritance.

All Titles
  • AR: El soltero más codiciado El soltero más codiciado
  • BR: Procura-se uma Noiva Procura-se uma Noiva
  • BG: Мъж за милиони Мъж за милиони
  • CA: Le célibataire Le célibataire
  • HR: Nezenja Nezenja
  • FI: Poikamies pulassa Poikamies pulassa
  • FR: Le célibataire Le célibataire
  • DE: Der Junggeselle Der Junggeselle
  • GR: Ametanoitos ergenis Ametanoitos ergenis
  • GR: Αμετανόητος εργένης Αμετανόητος εργένης
  • HU: Oltári vőlegény Oltári vőlegény
  • IT: Lo scapolo d'oro Lo scapolo d'oro
  • JP: Propose Propose
  • MX: Se busca novia Se busca novia
  • NO: Ungkaren Ungkaren
  • PL: Kawaler Kawaler
  • PT: Noiva Procura-se Noiva Procura-se
  • RU: Холостяк Холостяк
  • ES: El soltero El soltero
  • TR: Sahane bekar Sahane bekar
  • UY: El soltero más codiciado El soltero más codiciado
  • VE: Se busca novia Se busca novia
Directed by Gary Sinyor
Artists Brooke Shields
as Buckley Hale-Windsor
Renée Zellweger
as Anne Arden
James Cromwell
as The Priest
Release date 05 Nov 1999
Genre Comedy Romance
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The Bachelor 1999