The Aviator 2004

A biopic depicting the early years of legendary Director and aviator

All Titles
  • DE: The Aviator The Aviator
  • AR: El aviador El aviador
  • AT: Aviator Aviator
  • BR: O Aviador O Aviador
  • BG: Авиаторът Авиаторът
  • CA: L'aviateur L'aviateur
  • CA: The Aviator The Aviator
  • CL: El aviador El aviador
  • HR: Avijatičar Avijatičar
  • EE: Aviaator - valguses ja varjus Aviaator - valguses ja varjus
  • FI: Lentäjä Lentäjä
  • FI: Flygaren Flygaren
  • FR: Aviator Aviator
  • DE: Aviator Aviator
  • GR: The Aviator The Aviator
  • GR: Iptamenos kroisos Iptamenos kroisos
  • HU: Aviátor Aviátor
  • IR: Havanavard Havanavard
  • LV: Aviators Aviators
  • LT: Aviatorius Aviatorius
  • MX: El aviador El aviador
  • NL: The Aviator The Aviator
  • PE: El aviador El aviador
  • PL: Aviator Aviator
  • PT: O Aviador O Aviador
  • RO: Aviatorul Aviatorul
  • RU: Авиатор Авиатор
  • RS: Avijatičar Avijatičar
  • SK: Letec Letec
  • SI: Letalec Letalec
  • ES: El aviador El aviador
  • TH: Bin Rak Banleu Lôk Bin Rak Banleu Lôk
  • TR: Göklerin hakimi Göklerin hakimi
  • UA: Авiатор Авiатор
Directed by Martin Scorsese
Artists Leonardo DiCaprio
as Howard Hughes
Jude Law
as Errol Flynn
Martin Scorsese
as Hell's Angels Projectionist / Man on Red Carpet (voice)
Release date 25 Dec 2004
Genre Biography Drama
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The Aviator 2004