The Actress 1953

Former seaman Clinton Jones now works at a lowly job. His daughter Ruth wants to become an actress. Clinton gets fired and Ruth rejects the advances of Fred Whitmarsh. Her father gives her ...

All Titles
  • Актриса
  • Years Ago
  • Fame and Fortune
  • Father and the Actress
  • Theaterfieber
  • AR: La actriz La actriz
  • BE: Gloire et fortune Gloire et fortune
  • BE: Roem en fortuin Roem en fortuin
  • BR: Papai Não Quer Papai Não Quer
  • BR: A Atriz A Atriz
  • FI: Näyttelijätär Näyttelijätär
  • FR: The Actress The Actress
  • DE: Theaterfieber Theaterfieber
  • IT: L'attrice L'attrice
  • PL: Aktorka Aktorka
  • PT: A Actriz A Actriz
  • ES: La actriz La actriz
  • SE: Teatergalen Teatergalen
  • VE: La actriz La actriz
Directed by George Cukor
Artists Spencer Tracy
as Clinton Jones
Anthony Perkins
as Fred Whitmarsh
Jackie Coogan
as Inopportune
Release date 25 Sep 1953
Genre Biography Comedy Drama
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