Teukbyulshimin 2016

For the first time in Korean history, the mayor of Seoul attempts a third term in office.

All Titles
  • The Mayor
  • KR: Teukbyulshimin Teukbyulshimin
  • AU: The Mayor The Mayor
  • JP: ザ・メイヤー 特別市民 ザ・メイヤー 特別市民
  • NZ: The Mayor The Mayor
  • KR: Teuk byeolsusa: Gamokeseo onpyeonji Teuk byeolsusa: Gamokeseo onpyeonji
  • KR: The Mayor The Mayor
  • KR: Special Citizen Special Citizen
Directed by In-je Park show all movies of In-je Park
Artists Min-sik Choi
as Byeon Jong-goo
So-Ri Moon
as Jung Jae-yi
Mi-ran Ra
as Yang Jin-joo
Release date 28 Apr 2017
Genre Drama
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