Test Pilot 1938

Jim is a test pilot. His wife Ann and best friend Gunner try their best to keep him sober. But the life of a test pilot is anything but safe.

All Titles
  • Летчик-испытатель
  • AR: Piloto de pruebas Piloto de pruebas
  • AT: Der Testpilot Der Testpilot
  • AT: Der Werkpilot Der Werkpilot
  • BE: Pilote d'essai Pilote d'essai
  • BE: De proefpiloot De proefpiloot
  • BR: Piloto de Provas Piloto de Provas
  • BG: Летец-изпитател Летец-изпитател
  • DK: Vor tids helte Vor tids helte
  • FI: Nykypäivän sankarit Nykypäivän sankarit
  • FR: Pilote d'essai Pilote d'essai
  • DE: Der Testpilot Der Testpilot
  • DE: Der Werkpilot Der Werkpilot
  • GR: Flegomenoi ouranoi Flegomenoi ouranoi
  • HU: Uj bálványok Uj bálványok
  • IT: Arditi dell'aria Arditi dell'aria
  • JP: Tesuto Pairotto Tesuto Pairotto
  • NL: Testpiloot Testpiloot
  • PL: Brawura Brawura
  • PT: Herói de Hoje Herói de Hoje
  • RO: Sfidatorii aerului Sfidatorii aerului
  • ES: Piloto de pruebas Piloto de pruebas
  • SE: Hjältar av idag Hjältar av idag
  • YU: Djavoli neba Djavoli neba
Directed by Victor Fleming
Artists Clark Gable
as Jim Lane
Spencer Tracy
as Gunner Morse
Lionel Barrymore
as Howard B. Drake
Release date 22 Apr 1938
Genre Drama Romance
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