Tell-Tale 2009

A man's newly transplanted heart leads him on a dangerous journey to find out who murdered its donor.

All Titles
  • Tell Tale
  • UA: Tell-Tale Tell-Tale
  • BR: Instinto de Vingança Instinto de Vingança
  • CA: Le pouls de la vengeance Le pouls de la vengeance
  • FR: Tell Tale Tell Tale
  • DE: Das schwarze Herz Das schwarze Herz
  • GR: Martyriara kardia Martyriara kardia
  • HU: Az áruló szív Az áruló szív
  • MX: Corazón delator Corazón delator
  • PL: Msciwe serce Msciwe serce
  • PT: Coração Negro Coração Negro
  • RO: Poveste fatala Poveste fatala
  • RU: Обличитель Обличитель
  • SE: The Black Heart The Black Heart
  • TR: Gammaz yürek Gammaz yürek
Directed by Michael Cuesta
Artists Brian Cox
as Phillip Van Doren
John Timothy Botka
as Police Officer
Tom Riis Farrell
as Legethon
Release date 31 Dec 2009
Genre Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
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