Taxi 1998

To work off his tarnished driving record, a hip taxi driver must chauffeur a loser police inspector on the trail of German bank robbers.

All Titles
  • FR: Taxi Taxi
  • AR: Taxi Taxi
  • BR: Táxi - Velocidade nas Ruas Táxi - Velocidade nas Ruas
  • BG: Такси Такси
  • HR: Taksi Taksi
  • EE: Takso Takso
  • GR: Taxi Taxi
  • GR: Ταξί Ταξί
  • IT: Taxxi Taxxi
  • JP: Taxi Taxi
  • LT: Taksi Taksi
  • NO: Taxi Taxi
  • PT: Táxi - Uma Viagem Alucinante Táxi - Uma Viagem Alucinante
  • PT: Taxi Taxi
  • RU: Такси Такси
  • RS: Taksi Taksi
  • SI: Taksi Taksi
  • ES: Taxi Express Taxi Express
  • TR: Taksi Taksi
  • UA: Таксi Таксi
Directed by Gérard Pirès
Artists Stéphane Algoud
as Jimmy
Catherine Alias
as Femme Nettoyeur Banque
Sabine Bail
as Femme Préfecture
Release date 20 Nov 1998
Genre Action Comedy Crime
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