Taking Chances 2009

When he discovers that an Indian casino is about to be built over the town's historic battlefield, Chase Revere, the self-appointed protector of a small town's rather meager place in ...

All Titles
  • Patriotville
  • BR: Arriscando Tudo Arriscando Tudo
  • FR: Tente ta chance Tente ta chance
  • HU: Kaszinó a csatamezőn Kaszinó a csatamezőn
  • IT: Taking Chances - Due cuori e un casinò Taking Chances - Due cuori e un casinò
  • RO: Riscuri Riscuri
  • RU: Патриотвилль Патриотвилль
Directed by Talmage Cooley show all movies of Talmage Cooley
Artists Robert Beltran
as Joseph Sleeping Bear
David Jensen
as Chief Samuel Many Bulls
Emmanuelle Chriqui
as Lucy
Release date 05 Nov 2009
Genre Comedy
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