Swordfish 2001

A covert counter-terrorist unit called Black Cell led by Gabriel Shear wants the money to help finance their war against international terrorism, but it's all locked away. Gabriel brings in convicted hacker Stanley Jobson to help him.

All Titles
  • Swordfish_
  • AR: Swordfish, acceso autorizado Swordfish, acceso autorizado
  • AT: Passwort: Swordfish Passwort: Swordfish
  • BR: A Senha: Swordfish A Senha: Swordfish
  • BG: Парола: Риба меч Парола: Риба меч
  • CA: Opération Swordfish Opération Swordfish
  • CA: Swordfish Swordfish
  • CL: Swordfish: Acceso autorizado Swordfish: Acceso autorizado
  • CO: Acceso autorizado Acceso autorizado
  • HR: Operacija Swordfish Operacija Swordfish
  • DK: Swordfish - kodeord sværdfisk Swordfish - kodeord sværdfisk
  • FI: Salasana: Swordfish Salasana: Swordfish
  • FI: Swordfish Swordfish
  • FR: Opération Espadon Opération Espadon
  • DE: Passwort: Swordfish Passwort: Swordfish
  • GR: Kodikos: Swordfish Kodikos: Swordfish
  • GR: Κωδικός: Swordfish Κωδικός: Swordfish
  • HU: Kardhal Kardhal
  • IT: Codice: Swordfish Codice: Swordfish
  • JP: Sôdofisshu Sôdofisshu
  • LT: Kardžuve Kardžuve
  • MX: Swordfish: Acceso autorizado Swordfish: Acceso autorizado
  • PA: Pez Espada Pez Espada
  • PL: Kod dostepu Kod dostepu
  • PT: Operação Swordfish Operação Swordfish
  • RO: Operaţiunea Swordfish Operaţiunea Swordfish
  • RO: Cod de acces: Swordfish Cod de acces: Swordfish
  • RU: Пароль 'Рыба-меч' Пароль 'Рыба-меч'
  • RS: Šifra: Sabljarka Šifra: Sabljarka
  • SI: Operacija Mecarica Operacija Mecarica
  • ES: Operación Swordfish Operación Swordfish
  • TR: Kod adi kiliçbaligi Kod adi kiliçbaligi
  • UA: Пароль Риба-Меч Пароль Риба-Меч
  • UY: Swordfish: Acceso autorizado Swordfish: Acceso autorizado
Directed by Dominic Sena show all movies of Dominic Sena
Artists John Travolta
as Gabriel
Don Cheadle
as Roberts
Halle Berry
as Ginger
Release date 08 Jun 2001
Genre Action Crime Thriller
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