Swept Away 2002

A snooty socialite is stranded on a Mediterranean island with a communist sailor.

All Titles
  • Love, Sex, Drugs & Money
  • UA: Swept Away Swept Away
  • AR: Insólito destino Insólito destino
  • BR: Destino Insólito Destino Insólito
  • BG: Отнесени от бурята Отнесени от бурята
  • CA: À la dérive À la dérive
  • HR: Valovi sudbine Valovi sudbine
  • CZ: Trosečníci Trosečníci
  • FI: Haaksirikkoutuneet Haaksirikkoutuneet
  • FR: À la dérive À la dérive
  • DE: Stürmische Liebe - Swept away Stürmische Liebe - Swept away
  • GR: I kyria kai o naftis I kyria kai o naftis
  • HU: Hullámhegy Hullámhegy
  • IT: Travolti dal destino Travolti dal destino
  • LT: Nublokšti Nublokšti
  • MX: Insólito destino Insólito destino
  • PL: Rejs w nieznane Rejs w nieznane
  • PT: Ao Sabor das Ondas Ao Sabor das Ondas
  • RU: Унесенные Унесенные
  • SK: Stroskotanci Stroskotanci
  • ES: Barridos por la marea Barridos por la marea
  • ES: Enduts per la marea Enduts per la marea
  • TR: Hirçin Aşik Hirçin Aşik
  • UA: Вiднесенi Вiднесенi
Directed by Guy Ritchie
Artists Madonna
as Amber
Jeanne Tripplehorn
as Marina
Elizabeth Banks
as Debi
Release date 11 Oct 2002
Genre Comedy Romance
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