Surrogates 2009

Set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a cop is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others' surrogates.

All Titles
  • AR: Identidad sustituta Identidad sustituta
  • BR: Substitutos Substitutos
  • BG: Двойници Двойници
  • CA: Clones Clones
  • HR: Surogati Surogati
  • CZ: Náhradníci Náhradníci
  • EE: Surrogaadid Surrogaadid
  • FI: Surrogates - sijaisrobotit Surrogates - sijaisrobotit
  • FR: Clones Clones
  • DE: Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich Surrogates - Mein zweites Ich
  • GR: Antikatastates Antikatastates
  • GR: Αντικαταστάτες Αντικαταστάτες
  • HU: Hasonmás Hasonmás
  • IT: Il mondo dei replicanti Il mondo dei replicanti
  • LV: Surogati Surogati
  • LT: Svetimas kunas Svetimas kunas
  • MX: Identidad sustituta Identidad sustituta
  • PE: Identidad sustituta Identidad sustituta
  • PH: Vicarious Vicarious
  • PL: Surogaci Surogaci
  • PT: Os Substitutos Os Substitutos
  • RU: Суррогаты Суррогаты
  • RS: Surogati Surogati
  • SK: Klony Klony
  • SI: Nadomestki Nadomestki
  • ES: Los sustitutos Los sustitutos
  • ES: Los sustitutos: surrogates Los sustitutos: surrogates
  • TR: Suretler Suretler
  • UA: Клони Клони
  • UY: Identidad sustituta Identidad sustituta
Directed by Jonathan Mostow
Artists Bruce Willis
as Greer
James Cromwell
as Older Canter
Ving Rhames
as The Prophet
Release date 25 Sep 2009
Genre Action Sci-Fi Thriller
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Surrogates 2009