Surfer, Dude 2008

A wave twisting tale of a soul searching surfer experiencing an existential crisis.

All Titles
  • AR: Conquistando las olas Conquistando las olas
  • BR: Profissão Surfista Profissão Surfista
  • BG: Сърфист Сърфист
  • HR: Jahači na valovima Jahači na valovima
  • FI: Surfer Dude Surfer Dude
  • GR: O serfantasmenos O serfantasmenos
  • HU: Hullámok ördöge Hullámok ördöge
  • LT: Banglentininkas dabita Banglentininkas dabita
  • PT: Surfista, Meu Surfista, Meu
  • RU: Серфер Серфер
  • SI: Deskar, stari Deskar, stari
  • TR: Hizli sörfçü Hizli sörfçü
Directed by S.R. Bindler
Artists Matthew McConaughey
as Steve Addington
Woody Harrelson
as Jack Mayweather
Scott Glenn
as Alister Greenbough
Release date 05 Sep 2008
Genre Comedy
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