Surface 2005

A marine biologist, an insurance salesman and a teen-aged boy find their lives fundamentally changed by the emergence of a new, and often dangerous, species of sea life, while government agents work to keep the affair under wraps.

All Titles
  • Fathom
  • HR: Stvorenja Stvorenja
  • FR: Surface Surface
  • DE: Surface - Unheimliche Tiefe Surface - Unheimliche Tiefe
  • GR: Agnostos ehthros Agnostos ehthros
  • HU: A mélység fantomja A mélység fantomja
  • PL: Na powierzchni Na powierzchni
  • PT: Águas Profundas Águas Profundas
  • RU: Поверхность Поверхность
Artists Martha Plimpton
as Mr. Big / 2 episodes, 2006
Andrea Powell
as Associate #2 / 2 episodes, 2005-2006
Mark Jeffrey Miller
as 1 episode, 2005
Release date 22 Feb 2005
Genre Adventure Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
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