Superhero Movie 2008

Orphaned high school student Rick Riker is bitten by a radioactive dragonfly, develops super powers (except for the ability to fly), and becomes a hero.

All Titles
  • Superhero!
  • AR: Superhéroes, la película Superhéroes, la película
  • BR: Super-Herói: O Filme Super-Herói: O Filme
  • BG: Супергеройски филм Супергеройски филм
  • CA: Film de super-héros Film de super-héros
  • CZ: Suprhrdina Suprhrdina
  • FR: Super Héros Movie Super Héros Movie
  • DE: Superhero Movie Superhero Movie
  • GR: Superhero Movie Superhero Movie
  • HU: Superhero Movie Superhero Movie
  • IT: Superhero - Il più dotato fra i supereroi Superhero - Il più dotato fra i supereroi
  • LT: Superherojus! Superherojus!
  • MX: Superhéroes: la película Superhéroes: la película
  • NO: Superhero Movie Superhero Movie
  • PL: Superhero Superhero
  • PT: Super-Herói: O Filme Super-Herói: O Filme
  • RO: Comedie cu supereroi Comedie cu supereroi
  • RU: Супергеройское кино Супергеройское кино
  • SI: Film o superjunaku Film o superjunaku
  • ES: Superhero Movie Superhero Movie
  • TR: En süper kahraman En süper kahraman
  • UA: Супергеройське кiно Супергеройське кiно
Directed by Craig Mazin
Artists Pamela Anderson
as Invisible Girl
Leslie Nielsen
as Uncle Albert
Brent Spiner
as Dr. Strom
Release date 28 Mar 2008
Genre Action Comedy
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