Suits 2011

On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers.

All Titles
  • A Legal Mind
  • AR: La ley de los audaces La ley de los audaces
  • BG: Костюмари Костюмари
  • CZ: Kravat'áci Kravat'áci
  • EE: Pintsaklipslased Pintsaklipslased
  • FI: Pukumiehet Pukumiehet
  • FR: Suits, avocats sur mesure Suits, avocats sur mesure
  • DE: Suits Suits
  • HU: Briliáns elmék Briliáns elmék
  • IT: Suits Suits
  • LT: Kostiumuotieji Kostiumuotieji
  • PL: W garniturach W garniturach
  • PT: Defesa à Medida Defesa à Medida
  • RO: Costume Costume
  • RU: Форс-мажоры Форс-мажоры
  • RS: Odela Odela
  • SK: Kravaťáci Kravaťáci
  • SI: Nepremagljivi dvojec Nepremagljivi dvojec
  • ES: Suits Suits
  • UY: Suits Suits
  • VN: Luat Su Tay Choi Luat Su Tay Choi
Artists Lolita Davidovich
as 1 episode, 2019
Victor Garber
as 1 episode, 2011
Adrian G. Griffiths
as 3 episodes, 2016
Release date 23 Jun 2011
Genre Comedy Drama
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Suits 2011