Struck by Lightning 2012

A high schooler recounts the way he blackmailed his fellow classmates into contributing to his literary magazine.

All Titles
  • Que me Parta un Rayo
  • BR: O Diário de Carson Phillips O Diário de Carson Phillips
  • HR: Pogođen gromom Pogođen gromom
  • FR: Struck Struck
  • DE: Vom Blitz getroffen Vom Blitz getroffen
  • HU: Villámcsapás Villámcsapás
  • PL: Trafiony piorunem Trafiony piorunem
  • PT: Atingido Por um Raio Atingido Por um Raio
  • RU: Удар молнии Удар молнии
  • RS: Udaren gromom Udaren gromom
  • TR: Ilham Perisi Ilham Perisi
Directed by Brian Dannelly
Artists Dermot Mulroney
as Neal Phillips
Polly Bergen
as Grandma
Allison Janney
as Sheryl Phillips
Release date 11 Jan 2013
Genre Comedy Drama
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