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Stretch 2014

A hard-luck limo driver struggles to go straight and pay off a debt to his bookie. He takes on a job with a crazed passenger, whose sought-after ledger implicates some seriously dangerous criminals.

All Titles
  • BG: Лимузината Лимузината
  • CA: Stretch Stretch
  • HR: Stretch Stretch
  • GR: Τρελή κούρσα Τρελή κούρσα
  • HU: Felnyomva Felnyomva
  • IT: Stretch - Guida o muori Stretch - Guida o muori
  • PT: Motorista para Todo o Serviço Motorista para Todo o Serviço
  • RU: Драйвер на ночь Драйвер на ночь
  • ES: Giro inesperado Giro inesperado
  • TR: Stretch Stretch
  • UA: Драйвер на нiч Драйвер на нiч
Directed by Joe Carnahan
Artists Ray Liotta
as Himself
David Hasselhoff
as Himself
Ben Hernandez Bray
as Ignacio (as Ben Bray)
Release date 14 Oct 2014
Genre Comedy Crime
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