Storm at Daybreak 1933

Sarajevo June 28, 1914. Dushan, the Serbian mayor of a Hungarian town, has come to see the parade of Archduke Ferdinand. While there he runs into Geza, an old friend in the Hungarian Army ...

All Titles
  • Strange Rhapsody
  • AT: Schwarzrote Kirschen Schwarzrote Kirschen
  • BR: Aurora de Duas Vidas Aurora de Duas Vidas
  • DK: Storm ved daggry Storm ved daggry
  • HU: Feketeszárú cseresznye Feketeszárú cseresznye
  • IT: Temporale all'alba Temporale all'alba
  • PT: O Drama de Serajevo O Drama de Serajevo
  • ES: Tempestad al amanecer Tempestad al amanecer
  • SE: Storm i daggryningen Storm i daggryningen
Directed by Richard Boleslawski show all movies of Richard Boleslawski
Artists Oscar Apfel
as Counselor Velasch
Nils Asther
as Captain Geza Petery
Mischa Auer
as Assassin
Release date 14 Jul 1933
Genre Drama Romance War
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