Stone Cold 1991

A tough Alabama cop is blackmailed by the FBI into going undercover in a violent Mississippi biker gang.

All Titles
  • Невозмутимый
  • The Brotherhood
  • AR: A sangre fría A sangre fría
  • BR: A Fúria do Justiceiro A Fúria do Justiceiro
  • BG: Хладнокръвният Стоун Хладнокръвният Стоун
  • CA: Dur comme stone Dur comme stone
  • DK: Stone Cold Stone Cold
  • FI: Stone Cold - Syntynyt vaaralliseksi Stone Cold - Syntynyt vaaralliseksi
  • DE: Stone Cold - Kalt wie Stein Stone Cold - Kalt wie Stein
  • GR: Psyhros antipalos Psyhros antipalos
  • HU: Hideg, mint a kő Hideg, mint a kő
  • IT: Forza d'urto Forza d'urto
  • MX: Frío como la piedra Frío como la piedra
  • PL: Zimny jak glaz Zimny jak glaz
  • PT: Duro Como Aço Duro Como Aço
  • RS: Hladan kao kamen Hladan kao kamen
  • ES: Frío como el acero Frío como el acero
  • TR: Ölüm Silahi Ölüm Silahi
Directed by Craig R. Baxley
Artists Lance Henriksen
as Chains Cooper
William Forsythe
as Ice
Release date 17 May 1991
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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