Stay 2005

This movie focuses on the attempts of a psychiatrist to prevent one of his patients from committing suicide while trying to maintain his own grip on reality.

All Titles
  • AR: El umbral El umbral
  • BR: A Passagem A Passagem
  • BG: Остани Остани
  • CA: Reste Reste
  • HR: Ostani mrtav Ostani mrtav
  • EE: Jää Jää
  • FI: Stay Stay
  • GR: Stay Stay
  • HU: Maradj! Maradj!
  • IT: Stay - Nel labirinto della mente Stay - Nel labirinto della mente
  • LT: Pasilik Pasilik
  • MX: El umbral El umbral
  • PL: Zostań Zostań
  • PT: Stay - Entre a Vida e a Morte Stay - Entre a Vida e a Morte
  • RO: Rãmâi cu noi Rãmâi cu noi
  • RU: Останься Останься
  • RS: Ostani Ostani
  • SI: Ostani Ostani
  • ES: Tránsito Tránsito
  • TR: Gitme Gitme
  • UA: Залишайся Залишайся
Directed by Marc Forster
Artists Ewan McGregor
as Dr. Sam Foster
Janeane Garofalo
as Dr. Beth Levy
BD Wong
as Dr. Ren
Release date 21 Oct 2005
Genre Drama Mystery Thriller
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