Standoff 2006

A pair of hostage negotiators try to resist their budding attraction to each other.

All Titles
  • Primary
  • EE: Vastasseis Vastasseis
  • DE: Standoff Standoff
  • HU: Túsztárgyalók Túsztárgyalók
  • IT: Standoff Standoff
  • LT: Derybininkai Derybininkai
  • PL: Impas Impas
  • RU: Переговорщики Переговорщики
  • ES: Standoff: los negociadores Standoff: los negociadores
Artists Patrick Robert Smith
as 1 episode, 2007
Tamara Clatterbuck
as 1 episode, 2006
Release date 05 Jun 2006
Genre Crime Drama Romance Thriller
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