Stand Up Guys 2013

A pair of aging stickup men try to get the old gang back together for one last hurrah before one of the guys takes his last assignment - to kill his comrade.

All Titles
  • AR: Tres tipos duros Tres tipos duros
  • BR: Amigos Inseparáveis Amigos Inseparáveis
  • BG: Мъже за пример Мъже за пример
  • CA: Les derniers affranchis Les derniers affranchis
  • CL: Tres tipos duros Tres tipos duros
  • HR: Mafijaši starog kova Mafijaši starog kova
  • EE: Täitsamehed Täitsamehed
  • FR: Les derniers affranchis Les derniers affranchis
  • GR: Nomotageis typoi Nomotageis typoi
  • GR: Νομοταγείς τύποι Νομοταγείς τύποι
  • HU: Született gengszterek Született gengszterek
  • IL: Layla aharon ba'ir Layla aharon ba'ir
  • IT: Uomini di parola Uomini di parola
  • LT: Tvirti vyrukai Tvirti vyrukai
  • MX: Por los viejos tiempos Por los viejos tiempos
  • PL: Twardziele Twardziele
  • PT: Gangsters da Velha Guarda Gangsters da Velha Guarda
  • RO: Trei tipi duri Trei tipi duri
  • RU: Реальные парни Реальные парни
  • RS: Uspravljeni momci Uspravljeni momci
  • ES: Tipos legales Tipos legales
  • ES: Paios legals Paios legals
  • TR: Eski Dostlar Eski Dostlar
  • UA: Надiйнi хлопцi Надiйнi хлопцi
Directed by Fisher Stevens
Artists Al Pacino
as Val
Alan Arkin
as Hirsch
Julianna Margulies
as Nina Hirsch
Release date 01 Feb 2013
Genre Comedy Crime Thriller
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