Spread 2009

A sex comedy centered on a serial womanizer and his jilted lover.

All Titles
  • AR: Amante a domicilio Amante a domicilio
  • BR: Jogando com Prazer Jogando com Prazer
  • BG: Професия жиголо Професия жиголо
  • CA: Séducteur Séducteur
  • DK: L.A. Gigolo L.A. Gigolo
  • EE: L.A. Gigolo L.A. Gigolo
  • FI: L.A. Gigolo L.A. Gigolo
  • FR: Toy boy Toy boy
  • DE: Toy Boy Toy Boy
  • GR: Zigolo Zigolo
  • GR: Ζιγκολό Ζιγκολό
  • HU: Toyboy - Selyemfiú a pácban Toyboy - Selyemfiú a pácban
  • IT: Toy boy - Un ragazzo in vendita Toy boy - Un ragazzo in vendita
  • LV: Bruncu mednieks Bruncu mednieks
  • LT: Mergisius Mergisius
  • MX: Un seductor irresistible Un seductor irresistible
  • NL: Toy boy Toy boy
  • NO: L.A. Gigolo L.A. Gigolo
  • PE: Un seductor irresistible Un seductor irresistible
  • PL: Amerykanskie ciacho Amerykanskie ciacho
  • PT: Playboy Americano Playboy Americano
  • RU: Бабник Бабник
  • SI: Zenskar Zenskar
  • KR: S Lover S Lover
  • ES: American Playboy American Playboy
  • SE: L.A. Gigolo L.A. Gigolo
  • TR: Çapkin Çapkin
  • TR: Çapkin Çapkin
  • UA: Бабiй Бабiй
Directed by David Mackenzie
Artists Anne Heche
as Samantha
Maria Conchita Alonso
as Ingrid
Hart Bochner
as Will
Release date 08 Jul 2009
Genre Comedy Drama Romance
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