Spider-Man 2002

When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a nerdy, shy, and awkward high school student gains spider-like abilities that he eventually must use to fight evil as a superhero after tragedy befalls his family.

All Titles
  • Spider-Man: The Motion Picture
  • Spiderman
  • AR: El hombre araña El hombre araña
  • AU: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • AT: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • BR: Homem-Aranha Homem-Aranha
  • BG: Спайдър-мен Спайдър-мен
  • CA: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • CA: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • CZ: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • CZ: Pavoučí Muž Pavoučí Muž
  • EG: Rajel al-ankaboot Rajel al-ankaboot
  • EE: Ämblikmees Ämblikmees
  • FI: Spider-Man - hämähäkkimies Spider-Man - hämähäkkimies
  • FR: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • DE: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • GR: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • HU: Pókember Pókember
  • IS: Köngulóarmaðurinn Köngulóarmaðurinn
  • IR: Marde Ankabooti Marde Ankabooti
  • IT: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • LV: Zirneklcilveks Zirneklcilveks
  • LT: Žmogus voras Žmogus voras
  • MX: El hombre araña El hombre araña
  • NL: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • NZ: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • PE: El hombre araña El hombre araña
  • PT: Homem-Aranha Homem-Aranha
  • RO: Omul paianjen Omul paianjen
  • RO: Omul Păianjen Omul Păianjen
  • RU: Человек-паук Человек-паук
  • RS: Spajdermen Spajdermen
  • SK: Pavúčí Muž Pavúčí Muž
  • ZA: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • ES: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • ES: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • SE: Spindelmannen Spindelmannen
  • TR: Örümcek adam Örümcek adam
  • UA: Людина-павук Людина-павук
  • UA: Spider-Man Spider-Man
  • UY: El hombre araña El hombre araña
  • VN: Nguoi Nhen Nguoi Nhen
Directed by Sam Raimi
Artists Willem Dafoe
as Green Goblin / Norman Osborn
Kirsten Dunst
as Mary Jane Watson
Tobey Maguire
as Spider-Man / Peter Parker
Release date 03 May 2002
Genre Action Adventure Sci-Fi
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Spider-Man 2002