Sphere 1998

A spaceship is discovered under three hundred years' worth of coral growth at the bottom of the ocean.

All Titles
  • AR: Esfera Esfera
  • BR: Esfera Esfera
  • BG: Сфера Сфера
  • CA: Sphère Sphère
  • HR: Sfera Sfera
  • CZ: Koule Koule
  • DK: Kuglen Kuglen
  • FI: Vieras tulevaisuudesta Vieras tulevaisuudesta
  • FI: Farkosten Farkosten
  • FR: Sphère Sphère
  • DE: Sphere - Die Macht aus dem All Sphere - Die Macht aus dem All
  • GR: Sfaira Sfaira
  • GR: Η σφαίρα Η σφαίρα
  • HU: A gömb A gömb
  • IT: Sfera Sfera
  • LT: Sfera Sfera
  • MX: Esfera Esfera
  • NO: Sphere - Fartøyet Sphere - Fartøyet
  • PL: Kula Kula
  • PT: A Esfera A Esfera
  • RU: Сфера Сфера
  • RS: Sfera Sfera
  • SI: Sfera Sfera
  • ES: Esfera Esfera
  • SE: Sphere - Farkosten Sphere - Farkosten
  • TR: Küre Küre
  • UA: Сфера Сфера
  • UY: Esfera Esfera
Directed by Barry Levinson
Artists Dustin Hoffman
as Norman
Samuel L. Jackson
as Harry
Sharon Stone
as Beth
Release date 13 Feb 1998
Genre Drama Horror Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
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