Species II 1998

An astronaut gets infected with alien DNA during the first mission on Mars and runs amok on earth. Preston and Laura team up with a peaceful, genetically re-engineered Sil to track the monster down.

All Titles
  • Species 2: Offspring
  • Species 2: Origins
  • AR: Especies II Especies II
  • BR: Experiência II: A Mutação Experiência II: A Mutação
  • BR: A Experiência II: A Mutação A Experiência II: A Mutação
  • BG: Видове II Видове II
  • CA: Espèces II Espèces II
  • DK: Species II Species II
  • FI: Peto 2 Peto 2
  • FR: La mutante 2 La mutante 2
  • DE: Species II Species II
  • GR: Thanasimo eidos II Thanasimo eidos II
  • GR: Θανάσιμο είδος ΙΙ: Τρόμος στη σάρκα Θανάσιμο είδος ΙΙ: Τρόμος στη σάρκα
  • HU: A lény 2. A lény 2.
  • MX: Especies II Especies II
  • NO: Farlig rase 2 Farlig rase 2
  • PL: Gatunek 2 Gatunek 2
  • PT: Espécie Mortal II Espécie Mortal II
  • RU: Особь II Особь II
  • RS: Vrste 2 Vrste 2
  • ES: Species II Species II
  • ES: Species II (Especie mortal II) Species II (Especie mortal II)
  • TR: Tehlikeli tür 2 Tehlikeli tür 2
  • UA: Особини 2 Особини 2
  • UY: Especies II Especies II
Directed by Peter Medak show all movies of Peter Medak
Artists James Cromwell
as Senator Judson Ross
Natasha Henstridge
as Eve
Michael Madsen
as Press
Release date 10 Apr 1998
Genre Action Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
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