Spartacus 1960

The slave Spartacus leads a violent revolt against the decadent Roman Republic.

All Titles
  • Спартак
  • Spartacus: Rebel Against Rome
  • AR: Espartaco Espartaco
  • AT: Spartacus Spartacus
  • BR: Spartacus Spartacus
  • BG: Спартак Спартак
  • CA: Spartacus Spartacus
  • HR: Spartak Spartak
  • CZ: Spartakus Spartakus
  • FI: Spartacus Spartacus
  • FR: Spartacus Spartacus
  • GR: Spartakos Spartakos
  • GR: Σπάρτακος Σπάρτακος
  • HU: Spartacus Spartacus
  • IR: Spartacus Spartacus
  • JP: Spartacus Spartacus
  • LT: Spartakas Spartakas
  • MX: Espartaco Espartaco
  • PE: Espartaco Espartaco
  • PL: Spartakus Spartakus
  • PT: Spartacus Spartacus
  • RO: Spartacus Spartacus
  • RU: Спартак Спартак
  • RS: Spartak Spartak
  • ES: Espartaco Espartaco
  • ES: Espàrtac Espàrtac
  • TR: Spartaküs Spartaküs
  • UA: Спартак Спартак
  • YU: Spartak Spartak
Directed by Stanley Kubrick
Artists Kirk Douglas
as Spartacus
Laurence Olivier
as Crassus
Tony Curtis
as Antoninus
Release date 18 Mar 1966
Genre Adventure Biography Drama History War
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Spartacus 1960