Space Chimps 2008

Three chimps are sent into space to explore the possibility of alien life when an unmanned space shuttle crash lands on an uncharted planet.

All Titles
  • AR: Chimps Chimps
  • BR: Space Chimps: Micos no Espaço Space Chimps: Micos no Espaço
  • CA: Chimpanzés de l'espace Chimpanzés de l'espace
  • CL: Chimps Chimps
  • HR: Cimpanze u svemiru Cimpanze u svemiru
  • CZ: Vesmírní opicáci Vesmírní opicáci
  • EE: Kosmosepärdikud Kosmosepärdikud
  • FR: Les chimpanzés de l'espace Les chimpanzés de l'espace
  • DE: Space Chimps - Affen im All Space Chimps - Affen im All
  • GR: Diastimikoi himpatzides Diastimikoi himpatzides
  • GR: Διαστημικοί Χιμπατζήδες Διαστημικοί Χιμπατζήδες
  • HU: Csimpilóták Csimpilóták
  • IT: Space Chimps - Missione spaziale Space Chimps - Missione spaziale
  • PE: Chimps - Monos a la obra Chimps - Monos a la obra
  • PL: Małpy w kosmosie Małpy w kosmosie
  • PT: Macacos no Espaço Macacos no Espaço
  • RO: Cimpanzeii spatiali Cimpanzeii spatiali
  • RU: Мартышки в космосе Мартышки в космосе
  • ES: Space Chimps. Misión espacial Space Chimps. Misión espacial
  • TR: Uzay maymunlari Uzay maymunlari
Directed by Kirk DeMicco
Artists Jeff Daniels
as Zartog
Stanley Tucci
as Senator
Carlos Alazraqui
as Houston
Release date 18 Jul 2008
Genre Animation Adventure Comedy Family Sci-Fi
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Space Chimps 2008