Sorority Row 2009

A group of sorority sisters try to cover up the death of their house-sister after a prank gone wrong, only to be stalked by a serial killer.

All Titles
  • House on Sorority Row
  • The House on Sorority Row
  • AR: Pacto Secreto Pacto Secreto
  • BR: Pacto Secreto Pacto Secreto
  • CA: Serment mortel Serment mortel
  • HR: Sestrinstvo Sestrinstvo
  • CZ: Spolek nemilosrdných Spolek nemilosrdných
  • CZ: Sesterstvo nemilosrdných Sesterstvo nemilosrdných
  • FR: Soeurs de sang Soeurs de sang
  • DE: Schön bis in den Tod Schön bis in den Tod
  • GR: Aimatiri adelfotita Aimatiri adelfotita
  • GR: Αιματηρή Αδελφότητα Αιματηρή Αδελφότητα
  • HU: Kegyetlen titok Kegyetlen titok
  • IL: Nekama kfula Nekama kfula
  • IT: Patto di sangue Patto di sangue
  • LT: Kruvina seserijos paslaptis Kruvina seserijos paslaptis
  • MX: Secreto de sangre Secreto de sangre
  • PE: Secreto de sangre Secreto de sangre
  • PL: Ty bedziesz nastepna Ty bedziesz nastepna
  • PT: Irmandade de Sangue Irmandade de Sangue
  • RO: Surori de sânge Surori de sânge
  • RU: Крик в общаге Крик в общаге
  • RS: Sestrinstvo Sestrinstvo
  • ES: Hermandad de sangre Hermandad de sangre
  • TR: Kizlar Tarikatinda Cinayet Kizlar Tarikatinda Cinayet
  • VE: Secreto de sangre Secreto de sangre
Directed by Stewart Hendler
Artists Carrie Fisher
as Mrs. Crenshaw
Chaton Anderson
as Christina
Rick Applegate
as Senator Tyson
Release date 11 Sep 2009
Genre Horror Mystery
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