Son of the Beach 2000

A parody of "Baywatch" featuring Malibu Adjacent's world-famous lifeguard, Notch Johnson.

All Titles
  • AR: Hijo de la playa Hijo de la playa
  • DK: Strandløven Strandløven
  • FI: Rantojen kunkku Rantojen kunkku
  • FR: Son of the Beach Son of the Beach
  • GR: Trela... sosivia Trela... sosivia
  • HU: Tengerparti fenegyerek Tengerparti fenegyerek
  • PL: Nagi patrol Nagi patrol
  • RU: SOSатели Малибу SOSатели Малибу
  • SE: Babewatch Babewatch
Artists David Arquette
as 2 episodes, 2001-2002
Corey Feldman
as 1 episode, 2000
Mark Hamill
as 3 episodes, 2000-2002
Release date 13 Mar 2000
Genre Comedy
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