Someone Else's America 1995

This tale take place in a bar. The Spanish Alonso and his blind mother run this place. Bay, who is Alonso's friend live here too. This story tells something about Alonso and Bay and the "...

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  • --: Someone Else's America Someone Else's America
  • FI: Muiden Amerikka Muiden Amerikka
  • FR: L'Amérique des autres L'Amérique des autres
  • DE: Paradies, Brooklyn Paradies, Brooklyn
  • GR: I Ameriki kapoiou allou I Ameriki kapoiou allou
  • HU: Valaki más Amerikája Valaki más Amerikája
  • NO: Noen andres Amerika Noen andres Amerika
  • PL: To nie moja Ameryka To nie moja Ameryka
  • RS: Tudja Amerika Tudja Amerika
  • ES: La otra América La otra América
  • --: Someone Else's America Someone Else's America
Directed by Goran Paskaljevic
Artists Tom Conti
as Alonso
Predrag Ejdus
as Doctor
Release date 10 May 1996
Genre Comedy Drama
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