Smurfs 1981

Animation Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy

The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in a forest inhabited mainly by their own kind. The smurfs average daily routine is attempting to avoid Gargomel, an evil man who wants to kill our little blue friends.

All Titles
  • Smoulové
  • Смурфики
  • Smurfs' Adventures
  • The Smurfs
  • Die Schlümpfe
  • AR: Los Pitufos Los Pitufos
  • BE: De Smurfen De Smurfen
  • BR: Os Smurfs Os Smurfs
  • BG: Смърфовете Смърфовете
  • HR: Štrumpfovi Štrumpfovi
  • CZ: Smoulové Smoulové
  • DK: Smølferne Smølferne
  • FI: Smurffit - Hei me Smurffataan Smurffit - Hei me Smurffataan
  • FI: Kultainen Smurffi Kultainen Smurffi
  • FR: Les Schtroumpfs Les Schtroumpfs
  • FR: Johan et Pirlouit Johan et Pirlouit
  • DE: Die Schlümpfe Die Schlümpfe
  • GR: Ta stroumfakia Ta stroumfakia
  • GR: Stroumfakia Stroumfakia
  • GR: Στρουμφάκια Στρουμφάκια
  • HU: Hupikék törpikék Hupikék törpikék
  • IS: Strumpanir Strumpanir
  • IL: Ha-Dardasim Ha-Dardasim
  • IT: I puffi I puffi
  • JP: Sumaafu Sumaafu
  • NL: De Smurfen De Smurfen
  • NO: Smurfene Smurfene
  • PE: Los Pitufos Los Pitufos
  • PL: Smerfy Smerfy
  • PT: Os Estrumpfes Os Estrumpfes
  • RO: Strumfii Strumfii
  • RS: Štrumpfovi Štrumpfovi
  • SK: Smolkovia Smolkovia
  • SI: Smrkci Smrkci
  • ES: Los pitufos Los pitufos
  • ES: Barrufets, Els Barrufets, Els
  • SE: Smurfarna Smurfarna
  • TR: Sirinler Sirinler
  • UA: Смурфики Смурфики
  • UY: Los pitufos Los pitufos
Artists Lewis Arquette
as 1 episode, 1987
Ed Begley Jr.
as 1 episode, 1984
George Takei
as 1 episode, 1989
Released 12 Sep 1981
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