Slucaj Harms 1988

Based upon the life and writing of literary visionary Danil Harms, a Russian avant-garde poet of the 1920s who was persecuted and ultimately silenced by the Soviet authorities.

All Titles
  • YU: Slucaj Harms Slucaj Harms
  • RS: Slučaj Herms Slučaj Herms
  • RS: Slucaj Harms Slucaj Harms
  • SE: Fallet Harms Fallet Harms
  • YU: Der Fall Harms Der Fall Harms
  • YU: The Harms Case The Harms Case
Directed by Slobodan D. Pesic
Artists Mladen Andrejevic
as Zabolocki (as Mladen Andrejeviæ)
Branko Cvejic
as Marija Vasilijevna
Ivana Despotovic
as Ida Markovna (II)
Release date 05 Jun 1989
Genre Drama
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