Sleepers 1996

After a prank goes disastrously wrong, a group of boys are sent to a detention center where they are brutalized. Thirteen years later, they get their chance for revenge.

All Titles
  • AR: Los hijos de la calle Los hijos de la calle
  • AT: Sleepers Sleepers
  • BR: Sleepers: A Vingança Adormecida Sleepers: A Vingança Adormecida
  • BG: Слипърс Слипърс
  • CA: La correction La correction
  • HR: Vrijeme osvete Vrijeme osvete
  • DK: Sleepers Sleepers
  • EE: Noored kuked Noored kuked
  • FI: Sleepers - katuvarpuset Sleepers - katuvarpuset
  • FR: Sleepers Sleepers
  • DE: Sleepers Sleepers
  • GR: Sleepers Sleepers
  • HU: Pokoli lecke Pokoli lecke
  • LT: Pragaro virtuves vaikezai Pragaro virtuves vaikezai
  • MX: Los hijos de la calle Los hijos de la calle
  • PE: Los hijos de la calle Los hijos de la calle
  • PL: Uspieni Uspieni
  • PT: Sleepers - Sentimento de Revolta Sleepers - Sentimento de Revolta
  • RO: Pacatele tineretii Pacatele tineretii
  • RU: Спящие Спящие
  • RS: Osvetnici Osvetnici
  • SI: Sleepers Sleepers
  • SI: Prestopniki Prestopniki
  • ES: Sleepers Sleepers
  • ES: Sleepers Sleepers
  • SE: Sleepers Sleepers
  • TR: Kardes gibiydiler Kardes gibiydiler
  • UA: Сплячi Сплячi
Directed by Barry Levinson
Artists Brad Pitt
as Michael
Kevin Bacon
as Nokes
Robert De Niro
as Father Bobby
Release date 18 Oct 1996
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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Sleepers 1996