Slackers 2002

When geeky Ethan discovers three fellow students scamming the examination system, he blackmails them to win over the college's most popular girl.

All Titles
  • Scam
  • The Undergrads
  • Hooking Up Ethan
  • The Best and Brightest
  • The Hook-Up
  • CA: Slackers Slackers
  • AU: Slackers Slackers
  • BA: Dangube Dangube
  • BR: Mentiras & Trapaças Mentiras & Trapaças
  • BG: Кръшкачи Кръшкачи
  • CA: Les complices Les complices
  • CA: Slackers Slackers
  • FR: Slackers Slackers
  • DE: Slackers - Ran an die Bräute Slackers - Ran an die Bräute
  • HU: Svihákok - A nyúl viszi a puskát Svihákok - A nyúl viszi a puskát
  • IE: Slackers Slackers
  • PL: Luzacy Luzacy
  • PT: Os Preguiçosos Os Preguiçosos
  • RU: Чyваки Чyваки
  • RS: Dangube Dangube
  • UA: Slackers Slackers
Directed by Dewey Nicks
Artists Cameron Diaz
as Cameron Diaz
Gina Gershon
as Girl at Trendy Club
Devon Sawa
as Dave Goodman
Release date 01 Feb 2002
Genre Comedy Romance
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