Sister, Sister 1999

Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell are twins separated at birth who learn of each other's existence and come together as teenagers.

All Titles
  • AR: Hermanas gemelas Hermanas gemelas
  • BR: Irmã ao Quadrado Irmã ao Quadrado
  • FR: Sister, Sister Sister, Sister
  • HU: Ikercsajok Ikercsajok
  • PL: Jak dwie krople czekolady Jak dwie krople czekolady
  • RU: Сестра, сестра Сестра, сестра
  • ES: Cosas de hermanas Cosas de hermanas
Artists Milton Berle
as 1 episode, 1996
Ashley Olsen
as 1 episode, 1997
Mary-Kate Olsen
as 1 episode, 1997
Release date 01 Apr 1994
Genre Comedy Drama Family
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