Sidewalks of New York 1931

A dim-witted slumlord tries to reform a gang of urban boys (and impress an attractive young woman) by transforming their rough neighborhood into a more decent place.

All Titles
  • AR: Calles de Nueva York Calles de Nueva York
  • BR: Ruas de Nova York Ruas de Nova York
  • BG: Тротоарите на Ню Йорк Тротоарите на Ню Йорк
  • DK: Gadens Drenge Gadens Drenge
  • FI: New Yorkin katupoikia New Yorkin katupoikia
  • DE: Buster hat nichts zu lachen Buster hat nichts zu lachen
  • GR: O Buster ekatommyriouhos O Buster ekatommyriouhos
  • IT: Il milionario Il milionario
  • PL: Ulice Nowego Jorku Ulice Nowego Jorku
  • PT: Pamplinas e os Gangsters Pamplinas e os Gangsters
  • PT: Pamplinas Milionário Pamplinas Milionário
  • ES: Las calles de Nueva York Las calles de Nueva York
Directed by Zion Myers Jules White
Artists Buster Keaton
as Harmon
Oscar Apfel
as Judge
Ann Brody
as Tenament Mother
Release date 26 Sep 1931
Genre Comedy Crime
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