Si j'étais toi 2007

A wife and mother passes away, and spirit returns in her daughter's body.

All Titles
  • The Secret
  • FR: Si j'étais toi Si j'étais toi
  • BR: O Segredo O Segredo
  • BR: O Segredo O Segredo
  • DE: In deiner Haut In deiner Haut
  • GR: I teleftaia anasa I teleftaia anasa
  • HU: Én a helyedben Én a helyedben
  • MX: Nuestro secreto Nuestro secreto
  • PL: Sekret Sekret
  • PT: Na Tua Pele Na Tua Pele
  • RU: Секрет Секрет
  • SI: Zapri gobec Zapri gobec
  • ES: El secreto El secreto
  • FR: The Secret The Secret
Directed by Vincent Perez
Artists David Duchovny
as Dr. Benjamin Marris
Lili Taylor
as Hannah Marris
Russell Yuen
as ICU Doctor #2
Release date 10 Oct 2007
Genre Drama Romance
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