Shots Fired 2017

Examines the dangerous aftermath of two racially charged shootings in a small Southern town, providing an explosive autopsy of our criminal justice system.

All Titles
  • PL: Punkt zapalny Punkt zapalny
  • RU: Огнестрел Огнестрел
  • ES: Fuego abierto Fuego abierto
  • CA: Shots Fired Shots Fired
  • CA: Shots Fired Shots Fired
  • FR: Shots Fired Shots Fired
  • DE: Shots Fired Shots Fired
  • JP: SHOTS FIRED/ショット・ファイヤー 運命の銃弾 SHOTS FIRED/ショット・ファイヤー 運命の銃弾
  • RS: Пуцњава Пуцњава
  • UA: Shots Fired Shots Fired
Artists Helen Hunt
as Governor Patricia Eamons
Richard Dreyfuss
as Arlen Cox
Will Patton
as Sheriff Daniel Platt
Release date 22 Mar 2017
Genre Crime Drama
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