Sheena 2000

Orphaned at the age of 6, Shirley Hamilton is taken in by the Shamaness Kali and taught how to morph into almost any animal. She shall become Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

All Titles
  • DE: Sheena Sheena
  • GR: Sheena, i vasilissa tis zouglas Sheena, i vasilissa tis zouglas
  • HU: Sheena, a dzsungel királynője Sheena, a dzsungel királynője
  • RO: Sheena Sheena
Artists Leesa Castaneda
as 1 episode, 2001
Peter Reckell
as 1 episode, 2001
Grand L. Bush
as 1 episode, 2001
Release date 07 Oct 2000
Genre Action Adventure
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