Shall We Dance 1937

A budding romance between a ballet master and a tap dancer becomes complicated when rumors surface that they're already married.

All Titles
  • Давайте потанцуем
  • Stepping Toes
  • Watch Your Step
  • AR: Al compás del amor Al compás del amor
  • AT: Darf ich bitten Darf ich bitten
  • BE: L'entreprenant Mr Petroff L'entreprenant Mr Petroff
  • BR: Vamos Dançar? Vamos Dançar?
  • BG: Ще танцуваме ли? Ще танцуваме ли?
  • DK: Skal vi danse Skal vi danse
  • FI: Saanko luvan Saanko luvan
  • FR: L'entreprenant Mr Petrov L'entreprenant Mr Petrov
  • DE: Tanz mit mir Tanz mit mir
  • GR: As horepsoume As horepsoume
  • HU: Táncolj velem Táncolj velem
  • IT: Voglio danzare con te Voglio danzare con te
  • MX: Pies de seda Pies de seda
  • NL: De dans naar het geluk De dans naar het geluk
  • NL: Geef me 'n kans Geef me 'n kans
  • NO: Skal vi danse? Skal vi danse?
  • PL: Zatanczymy? Zatanczymy?
  • PT: Vamos Dançar? Vamos Dançar?
  • RO: Invitatie la vals Invitatie la vals
  • ES: Ritme boig Ritme boig
  • ES: Ritmo loco Ritmo loco
  • SE: Får jag lov? Får jag lov?
  • UY: Al compás del amor Al compás del amor
Directed by Mark Sandrich
Artists Fred Astaire
as Peter P. Peters aka Petrov
Ginger Rogers
as Linda Keene
Edward Everett Horton
as Jeffrey Baird
Release date 07 May 1937
Genre Comedy Musical Romance
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