Shake It Up 2010

Two Chicago teens attempt to realize their dream of becoming professional dancers by landing spots on a popular local show.

All Titles
  • Dance Dance Chicago
  • BR: No Ritmo No Ritmo
  • HR: U ritmu U ritmu
  • CZ: Na Parket! Na Parket!
  • DE: Shake It Up! - Tanzen ist alles Shake It Up! - Tanzen ist alles
  • GR: Κουνήσου στο Ρυθμό Κουνήσου στο Ρυθμό
  • HU: Indul a risza! Indul a risza!
  • IT: A tutto ritmo A tutto ritmo
  • JP: Shekira! Shekira!
  • NO: Shake It Up! Shake It Up!
  • PL: Taniec rządzi Taniec rządzi
  • RO: Totul Pentru Dans Totul Pentru Dans
  • RU: Танцевальная лихорадка Танцевальная лихорадка
  • RS: Igraj Igraj
  • ES: Shake It Up! Shake It Up!
  • TR: Haydi Calkala Haydi Calkala
Artists Alfonso Ribeiro
as 1 episode, 2013
Ben Savage
as 1 episode, 2011
John Ales
as 1 episode, 2013
Release date 07 Nov 2010
Genre Comedy Family
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