Sextuplets 2019

Father-to-be Alan is shocked to learn that he was born a sextuplet. With his newfound brother Russell riding shotgun, the duo sets out on a hilarious journey to reunite with their remaining long-lost siblings.

All Titles
  • AR: Sextillizos Sextillizos
  • AU: Sextuplets Sextuplets
  • BR: Seis Vezes Confusão Seis Vezes Confusão
  • CA: Sextuplets Sextuplets
  • FR: Les sextuplés Les sextuplés
  • DE: Einer von Sechs Einer von Sechs
  • GR: Εξάδυμα Εξάδυμα
  • HU: Hatos ikrek Hatos ikrek
  • IO: Sextuplets Sextuplets
  • IT: Sei gemelli Sei gemelli
  • JP: セクスタプレッツ オレって六つ子だったの? セクスタプレッツ オレって六つ子だったの?
  • MX: Sextillizos Sextillizos
  • PL: Sześcioraczki Sześcioraczki
  • RU: Шестерняшки Шестерняшки
  • ES: Sextillizos Sextillizos
  • TR: Altızlar Altızlar
  • UA: Sextuplets Sextuplets
Directed by Michael Tiddes show all movies of Michael Tiddes
Artists Debbi Morgan
as Janet
Marlon Wayans
as Alan / Russell / Dawn / Jaspar / Ethan / Baby Pete / Lynette
Michael Ian Black
as Doug
Release date 16 Aug 2019
Genre Comedy
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