Seu-pa-i 2013

About an agent who is undercover in a foreign country while his wife has no idea what he does for a living.

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  • KR: Seu-pa-i Seu-pa-i
  • BR: O Espião: Operação Secreta O Espião: Operação Secreta
  • VN: Diêp Viên So Vo Diêp Viên So Vo
  • KR: The Spy: Undercover Operation The Spy: Undercover Operation
  • KR: The Spy The Spy
Directed by Lee Seung-jun,Lee Seung-jun show all movies of Lee Seung-jun,Lee Seung-jun
Artists So-Ri Moon
as Young-Hee
Kyung-gu Sol
as Chul-Soo
Mi-ran Ra
as Yogurt delivery woman
Release date 05 Sep 2013
Genre Action Comedy
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