Secretariat 2010

Penny Chenery Tweedy and colleagues guide her long-shot but precocious stallion to set, in 1973, the unbeaten record for winning the Triple Crown.

All Titles
  • AR: Secretariat Secretariat
  • BR: Secretariat - Uma História Impossível Secretariat - Uma História Impossível
  • BG: Секретариат-конят легенда Секретариат-конят легенда
  • CA: Secretariat Secretariat
  • DE: Secretariat - Ein Pferd wird zur Legende Secretariat - Ein Pferd wird zur Legende
  • GR: To megalo favori To megalo favori
  • GR: Το μεγάλο φαβορί Το μεγάλο φαβορί
  • HU: A paripa A paripa
  • IL: Secretariat Secretariat
  • IT: Un anno da ricordare Un anno da ricordare
  • PL: Niezwyciezony Secretariat Niezwyciezony Secretariat
  • PT: Secretariat Secretariat
  • RO: Secretariat Secretariat
  • RU: Чeмпион Чeмпион
  • ES: Secretariat Secretariat
  • SE: Berättelsen om Secretariat Berättelsen om Secretariat
  • TR: Sampiyon Sampiyon
  • UA: Чемпiон Чемпiон
Directed by Randall Wallace
Artists Diane Lane
as Penny Chenery
James Cromwell
as Ogden Phipps
John Malkovich
as Lucien Laurin
Release date 08 Oct 2010
Genre Biography Drama Family History Sport
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