Sea Hunt 1958

Mike Nelson is a S.C.U.B.A. diver in the days when it was still very new. He works alone, and the plot was mostly carried through his voice-over narrations. These gave the show a flavor of ...

All Titles
  • Морская охота
  • Abenteuer unter Wasser
  • AR: Caza submarina Caza submarina
  • AT: Abenteuer unter Wasser Abenteuer unter Wasser
  • BR: Aventura submarina Aventura submarina
  • FI: Sea Hunt Sea Hunt
  • FR: Remous Remous
  • DE: Abenteuer unter Wasser Abenteuer unter Wasser
  • IT: L'uomo del mare L'uomo del mare
  • MX: El investigador submarino El investigador submarino
  • ES: Operación: Rescate Operación: Rescate
  • ES: Investigador submarino Investigador submarino
Artists Jack Nicholson
as 1 episode, 1961
Jeff Bridges
as Boy / 4 episodes, 1958-1960
Leonard Nimoy
as Hoya - Saboteur / 8 episodes, 1958-1960
Release date 04 Jan 1958
Genre Action Adventure
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