Scrubs 2001

In the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, intern John "J.D." Dorian learns the ways of medicine, friendship, and life.

All Titles
  • [scrubs]
  • Scrubs: Med School
  • AR: Scrubs Scrubs
  • BE: Toubib or not toubib Toubib or not toubib
  • BR: Scrubs Scrubs
  • BG: Смешно отделение Смешно отделение
  • HR: Stažist Stažist
  • DK: Scrubs Scrubs
  • EE: Kollanokad Kollanokad
  • FI: Tuho-osasto Tuho-osasto
  • FR: Scrubs Scrubs
  • DE: Scrubs - Die Anfänger Scrubs - Die Anfänger
  • HU: Dokik Dokik
  • IT: Scrubs: Medici ai primi ferri Scrubs: Medici ai primi ferri
  • LT: Daktariukščiai Daktariukščiai
  • NO: Helt sykt Helt sykt
  • PL: Hoży doktorzy Hoży doktorzy
  • PL: Chorzy doktorzy Chorzy doktorzy
  • PT: Médicos e Estagiários Médicos e Estagiários
  • RO: Stagiarii Stagiarii
  • RU: Klinika Klinika
  • RU: Meditsinskaya akademiya Meditsinskaya akademiya
  • RU: Клиника Клиника
  • RU: Медицинская академия Медицинская академия
  • RS: Stažisti Stažisti
  • SI: Mladi zdravniki Mladi zdravniki
  • ES: Scrubs Scrubs
  • SE: Första hjälpen Första hjälpen
  • TR: Scrubs Scrubs
  • UA: Клiнiка Клiнiка
Artists R. Lee Ermey
as 1 episode, 2002
Brendan Fraser
as Ben Sullivan / 4 episodes, 2002-2007
John Ritter
as 2 episodes, 2002
Release date 02 Oct 2001
Genre Comedy Drama
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