School of Rock 2016

Misadventures of Dewey Finn, a rocker who poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school as he teaches his unconventional and overachieving students to play and love rock 'n' roll.

All Titles
  • AU: School of Rock School of Rock
  • GR: Ένα Σχολείο Πολύ Ροκ Ένα Σχολείο Πολύ Ροκ
  • HU: Rocksuli Rocksuli
  • PL: Szkoła Rocka Szkoła Rocka
  • PT: Escola de Rock Escola de Rock
  • RU: Школа рока Школа рока
  • ES: Escuela de rock Escuela de rock
Artists Thomas F. Wilson
as Mr. Finn's Dad
Tamara Mello
as Eva Huerta
Elle Alexander
as Miss Mendoza
Release date 12 Mar 2016
Genre Comedy Family Musical
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