Savages 2012

Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend.

All Titles
  • AR: Salvajes Salvajes
  • BR: Selvagens Selvagens
  • BG: Диваци Диваци
  • CA: Sauvages Sauvages
  • CL: Salvajes Salvajes
  • CO: Salvajes Salvajes
  • HR: Divljaci Divljaci
  • EE: Metslased Metslased
  • FI: Raakalaiset Raakalaiset
  • DE: Savages Savages
  • DE: Savages - Im Auge des Kartells Savages - Im Auge des Kartells
  • GR: Agriotita Agriotita
  • GR: Αγριότητα Αγριότητα
  • HU: Vadállatok Vadállatok
  • IL: Bli hukim Bli hukim
  • IT: Le belve Le belve
  • LT: Laukiniai Laukiniai
  • PE: Salvajes Salvajes
  • PL: Savages: ponad bezprawiem Savages: ponad bezprawiem
  • PT: Selvagens Selvagens
  • RO: Brutele Brutele
  • RU: Особо опасны Особо опасны
  • RS: Divljaci Divljaci
  • ES: Salvajes Salvajes
  • TR: Vahsiler Vahsiler
  • UA: Дикуни Дикуни
  • UY: Salvajes Salvajes
  • VE: Salvajes Salvajes
Directed by Oliver Stone
Artists Salma Hayek
as Elena
John Travolta
as Dennis
Benicio Del Toro
as Lado
Release date 06 Jul 2012
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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